Welcome to our About Page!. Below you will find information regarding what microscope-business is all about.


What is microscope-business?:

The Microscope-Business web site is dedicated to everything related to microscopes from the mid 70's to the 90's.

This web site currently offers several quality used microscopes and microscope accessories.

Specializing in but not limited to:

B&L including repair parts

Aus Jena (Zeiss Jena) parts, brochures, and repair manuals

Future of Microscope-Business:

I still have much more inventory to add to this site. We have a significant inventory of accessories and repair parts. We also have hundreds of microscope brochures from the 70's through current. If you are looking for a specific item that is not listed here contact me directly.



- N.O.S is short for New Old Stock, which is pretty much lightly used demo equipment and accessories. New Old Stock are items that are used lightly and have little to no damage or marking on them. We currently have a strict policy as to whats considered N.O.S equipment on our web site. If you have any questions Contact Us.

Brief history:

I have been in the microscope industry for 30 years. I will sell or locate for you any type of related microscope item. Most of my contacts and interest lies within the Biological light microscope and dissecting (stereo microscope) area. I do have experience in the industrial microscopy market as well.

Do you buy or sell on Ebay?:

I do buy inventory and parts from individuals occasionally but not Ebay.

Warranty Information:

All items have a 30 day warranty. Communication is key to customer satisfaction. I want everybody that purchases a product from Microscope-business.com to be satisfied with their purchase!. If you are not satisfied we want to hear from you!. We will try our best to provide a great product. If not we will refund your purchase to the whole dollar amount.

Information Provided:

Microscope-Business.com does not and will not share any names,addresses or phone numbers to any third party. We only use you're name and address to ship and do not share any information to anyone. Microscope-Business prides its self on not sharing any ones information. All transaction amounts and totals are kept between the buyer and the seller. Please at any time if there is an issue, contact us right away.